Snap Server Recovery

Snap Server Recovery

Need help with Snap Server Recovery? We can help. Don’t panic! With a close to 99% recovery rate, we use a combination of clean room recovery and parity rebuilding to recover as much data as possible from NAS systems. Snap Servers are one of the best storage systems ever made. We recover from single drive to multiple drive failures.

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snap server

Snap Server Recovery

We Recover all models of Snap Servers. These NAS models include:

  • • Snap Server 1000
  • • Snap Server 1100
  • • Snap Server 2000
  • • Snap Server 4000
  • • Snap Server 210
  • • Snap Server DX1
  • • Snap Server DX2

The Snap Server is a network attached storage computer appliance currently sold by Overland Storage. All modern Snap Servers include an embedded operating system called GuardianOS. The GuardianOS is a UNIX-like operating system based on the mainstream Linux kernel, and is used on the Snap Server line of network-attached storage devices.

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